The Horowhenua is growing at a fast rate, nowhere quicker than the southern Horowhenua, our piece of paradise. To try and ensure that residents of Manakau and its local environs have as much input into this growth as possible the Horowhenua District Council (HDC) are keen to produce a community plan that would provide a blueprint for this growth. To ensure that this community plan reflects what the community wants the HDC would like to engage the community in a consultation process and have provided a couple of example plans (Please see attached).

Some things that have sprung to my mind, I am sure there are many others:-

·        Where should growth occur

·        Types of sections – Lifestyle or more compact sections, or may be a mixture

·        Styles of housing – a diverse range of types and values to ensure we have an interesting mix in the community

·        How do we connect to other important areas to Manakau – is it easy to walk or bike safely to Ohau, Waikawa Beach or Otaki

·        Centralised or decentralised infrastructure (septic tanks or sewerage plant

·        How should Public Transport be provisioned for our community

·        How do we minimise impact of the Expressway to Manakau and those effected – how do we insure our fractured district retains connectivity

·        Should we lobby NZTA for an Expressway Interchange for the Southern Horowhenua

·        How should the current State Highway 1 be best utilised once it becomes a local road

·        Could Manakau Village be extended north with Manakau School, a green space recreation   area, Manakau Hall and the Manakau Sports Club being the central hub of the village

These are just some thoughts to hopefully get you thinking. The HDC are aiming to come to the Manakau Hall to meet with as many of the community as possible to gain information to input into the Manakau Community Plan, this will most likely be Sunday afternoon in the not too distant future. We will let you know when this is to happen. Until then get your thinking hats on about how we can manage this growth that is already happening and insure we have a place we can happily and proudly call home.