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The village of Manakau is set in a rural setting centred around the church, school, bowling club and pub. The historic street pattern of Manakau in terms of scale and layout has remained unchanged. The informal nature of the streets with narrow road widths, heavily vegetated berms with no kerb and channel is in keeping with the current levels of traffic here and maintains the historic and rural character of this setting. New development within the village has generally been sensitive to and in keeping with the existing character of the village.

The most significant development has occurred to the south of the village with several significant rural subdivisions, with a new road connecting the south of the village to South Manakau Road.

The current minimum lot size of 2,000m2 within the village has limited the levels of infill subdivision.

There are a couple of existing commercial businesses located within the township, with several others located on the western side of the State Highway and railway corridor.

The existing residential properties rely on individual onsite effluent disposal systems, and individual water supplies from roof-collected rain water.

There are some opportunities for new development to occur within the village. New modern or larger buildings that dominate the streetscene could potentially detract from the historic character of not only the adjacent buildings but also the village setting depending on where they were located.

The needs of the local community appear at present to be met by the existing commercial and retail enterprises.

The newly developed rural areas to the south of the village have increased the focus of Manakau to the eastern side of the State Highway and railway corridor.

The Manakau Domain which is the main open space reserve for Manakau is located on Waikawa Beach Road some distance from the village and on the western side of the State Highway.


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